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The base difficulties in the in-game difficulty menu.
The base difficulties in game.

Crab Champions has four different difficulties, which are Easy, Normal, Nightmare, and a secret difficulty called Ultra Chaos. Each difficulty increases the challenge level the higher the difficulty is

The difficulties change enemy stats, spawn rates, and the player's starting health

Ultra Chaos is unlocked after getting every weapon to at least ruby Rank

Note: Some of the values below, as well as some of the difficulty modifiers do not represent the current state of the game (V2003)


A calming walk on the beach

  • +100% starting health
  • -50% enemies spawn
  • -50% enemy health
  • -66% enemy damage
  • -25% enemy speed
  • +1 challenge level


A light jog in shallow water

  • All enemies and players have their base stats
  • +5 challenge level


A sprint through lava

  • -25% starting health
  • +150% enemies spawn
  • +50% enemy health
  • +50% enemy damage
  • +33% enemy speed
  • +10 challenge level

Ultra Chaos

The most unfair difficulty that I could come up with for extreme challenge enthusiasts. You've been warned!

  • +3 starting armor plates
  • +100% better loot rarity chance
  • +150% enemies spawn
  • +75% enemy health
  • +100% enemy damage
  • +200% enemy spawn, attack and movement speed
  • No damage immunity when eliminating exploding enemies at close range
  • No automatic crystal collection (they must be manually collected)
  • Elites and Bosses can spawn on normal islands
  • 1 more Elites and Bosses spawn on elite and boss islands
  • ALL enemies can jump

Difficulty Modifiers

The difficulty modifiers in the in-game difficulty menu.
The difficulty modifiers in game.

Difficulty modifiers are optional challenges that increase the challenge level even further. They add extra obstacles to the run that players will have to face to win.

Random Islands

  • Description: Island types are chosen randomly instead of in a set order
  • Challenge Level: +2
  • Details: The portals that appear at the end of each island are completely random. The 9th island in a biome is guarantied to be a shop, and the 10th island in a biome is guaranteed to be an elite/boss. Boss islands do only appear as every 30th island.

Regenerating Enemies

  • Description: Enemies regenerate health a short time after taking damage
  • Challenge Level: +2
  • Details: After having not taken damage for a period of time, enemies will begin to regenerate. The time it takes for each enemy to start regenerating depends on what type of enemy it is. Normal enemies take 1 second, champion enemies take 2.25 seconds, and bosses and elites take 3 seconds.

Locked Slots

  • Description: Some inventory slots are locked and must be unlocked with crystals
  • Challenge Level: +2
  • Details: 16 slots of each type are locked when you start the run. They can be unlocked by paying increasing amounts of crystals. The first slot unlocks for 315 crystals and the final slot unlocks for 456,419 crystals.

Buffed Enemies

  • Description: Enemies have a chance to spawn with a powerful buff
  • Challenge Level: +3
  • Details: Enemies have a chance to spawn with one of 5 buffs

Heathy - Increased maximum health
Speedy - Increased movement speed
Angered - Increased damage
Frenzied - Increased attack speed
Shielded - Spawn with a shield that prevents damage. Only a melee attack can break the shield.

Slugs cannot be speedy, slugs and pufferfish and basic crabs cannot be frenzied, champion enemies cannot be healthy, and elites and bosses cannot receive buffs at all.

Expensive Shops

  • Description: Shop prices are doubled.
  • Challenge Level: +3
  • Details: All items at shops cost double their normal price.

Double Challenge

  • Description: Double challenge modifiers on challenge portals
  • Challenge Level: +3
  • Details: Challenge islands will have an additional challenge. This does not increase the reward.

Resurrecting Enemies

  • Description: Enemies have a chance to spawn copies of themselves when eliminated
  • Challenge Level: +3
  • Details: When an enemy dies, it has a chance to spawn additional copies of itself at half health. Easy enemies spawn 3 copies of themself, medium enemies spawn 2 copies of themself, and champion enemies spawn 1 copy of themself. If you have buffed enemies, the new enemies spawned will have random modifiers, not the same ones as the original.

Evolved Enemies

  • Description: New enemies appear
  • Challenge Level: +4
  • Details: Laser Crab, Minigun Crab, and Homing Grub can now appear in runs.

Unfair Bosses

  • Description: All elite and boss islands have double the enemies to fight
  • Challenge Level: +4
  • Details: An additional boss/elite will appear on each boss/elite island. Despite the description, if there are already two bosses(such as when looping), it will not double the amount, just add one. The extra elite/boss can be a different elite/boss.

Eternal Punishment

  • Description: Taking damage lowers max health
  • Challenge Level: +4
  • Details: Taking damage lowers your maximum health. Fire damage and other "lesser" damage types will not trigger this.

Limited Heals

  • Description: All healing is reduced by 33%.
  • Challenge Level: +5
  • Details: Healing from all sources (shop, hearts, perks and rocks) is reduced by 33%.

No Safety Net

  • Description: No more death prevention when reaching 1 health
  • Challenge Level: +5
  • Details: You no longer have the protection that causes hits that would deal lethal damage to instead lower you to 1 health. Note that this makes perks like grave dodger trigger exceptionally rarely, due to them triggering at 1 health.

Challenge Level

The challenge level is a value which is increased by selecting higher difficulties and more difficulty modifiers. The main purpose of challenge levels are for ranking up your weapon and account medal. Higher challenge levels will rank you better medals. Medals are given to the weapon used in the run upon a regular island 30 or above victory, with the exception of the Diamond medal which requires an island 60 or above victory. Weapon medals contribute to your overall account medal, which is seen next to your name in the player list.

List of medals by challenge level

Icon for diamond medal.

Diamond (Challenge level 50, island 60+ victory)

Icon for ruby medal.

Ruby (Challenge level 42-50)

Icon for emerald medal.

Emerald (Challenge level 30-42)

Icon for sapphire medal.

Sapphire (Challenge level 20-30)

Icon for gold medal.

Gold (Challenge level 10-20)

Icon for silver medal.

Silver (Challenge level 2-10)

Icon for bronze medal.

Bronze (Challenge level 1)