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Islands are the play areas in Crab Champions

Types of Islands

Special Islands

Shop Island

Shop islands are where players can spend their crystals. See Shop for more information

Lobby Island

The Lobby Island functions as the lobby before a run. See Lobby Island for more information

Boss Islands

Boss Islands are the final island of the volcanic biome. So they occur only every 30 islands. There you can choose to loop or end the run after defeating the boss

Elite Islands

Elite Islands are the last island for every biome as well as an island choice when chosing the next island. After defeating the elite at the end of the biome, you proceed to the next biome

Crab Island

Crab Island is where a run ends. It contains a golden statue of Tony and the Victory Crown

Regular Islands

Arena Island

On an Arena Island, the only objective is to eliminate every enemy that spawns to clear the island

Horde Island

On a Horde Island, the only objective is to survive a set amount of time, ranging from 42 to 70 seconds

Waves Island

Waves Islands instantly end, when the player gets hit. The reward chest quality is chosen depending on how many waves the player can defeat:
Health Chest --- Random Chest --- Damage Chest --- Epic Chest

Challenge Island

Challenge Islands have random challenges that increase the difficulty of surviving, such as everything being killed in one hit or energy rings spawning after eliminating enemies

Parkour Island

On a Parkour Island, the objective is to finish an obstacle course and get to the finish line. The reward's rarity is based on your time to complete it